| Lecture 5 of the Harmony in Faith and Science lecture series |

The Vatican Observatory is an astronomical research and education institution originally founded in 1582 to explain and defend the new Gregorian Calendar. Over the centuries, the Observatory’s Mission and location has shifted several times over. The Church has had a long-standing interest in astronomy, due to the astronomical basis by which holy days and Easter are determined. This talk will explore and illuminate the Observatory’s historic role in scientific research, as well as its endeavors at the frontier of faith, science, and politics. It will focus on the work of Jesuits Christopher Clavius (d. 1612), Angelo Secchi (d. 1878), and George Coyne (d. 2020).


Click here to watch the recording on YouTube: APAVM Lecture 5 – The Vatican Observatory: 400+ Years of Science and Faith

A book based on related topics, recommended by Fr. Paul Mueller.

  • Tibaldo and the Hole in the Calendar, by Abner E. Shimony