The Shroud of Turin, the linen believed to have covered Christ’s body in the tomb, continues to speak to the human heart. But it also spells out the sufferings Jesus bore for our salvation. What exactly did he suffer and why? During this Easter Triduum, in the faith that our lives are meant to mirror that of our Lord, Fr Dalton invites you to journey with Jesus, from the Last Supper in the Upper Room, through the garden of Gethsemane, beyond the cruel death on Calvary, to the divine light of the Resurrection.

Three Online Reflections for the Easter Triduum guided by Fr Dalton
In this three-day spiritual journey, from Holy Thursday to Holy Saturday, we will contemplate a mystery, the Paschal mystery. “Dying you destroyed our death; rising you restored our life.” The aim of our reflection and prayer will be three-fold: to know Christ more deeply, to love him more passionately, and to follow him more closely.

Thurs, 1 Apr 2021 - Preambles to the Passion
When striving to make sense of Christ’s sufferings, the preambles to the Passion are often overlooked: the Last Supper, the agony and arrest in the garden, and the midnight trial before the Sanhedrin. Yet, these events are saturated with signification and provide the key to our contemplation of Christ’s Paschal mystery.

Today’s reflection focuses on the beginning of the end. What did Jesus do at the Last Supper that sheds light on his death the next day? In his agony, while Jesus prayed for deliverance, why did Jesus’s sweat become like drops of blood? Did his cry to the Father reflect horror at the prospect of being tortured? Why did the Jewish soldiers strike his face? Why did the high priest pronounce him worthy of a death sentence? If Jesus was God, why did he not escape or fight back? For Christians, what are the implications of the way Christ waged spiritual warfare?

Fri, 2 Apr 2021 - The Descent into Death
Today, we follow Jesus as he makes his descent into death. From the trial before Pontius Pilate to his last breath on Calvary, what did Jesus suffer in his Passion? Was he really stripped, scourged, crowned with thorns, nailed to a cross, and pierced in the side as the Gospels record? What does Shroud science tell us about each of these sufferings? What does Scripture reveal about the significance of these sufferings? What do they mean for my life?

Sat, 3 Apr 2021- Rising to New Life
Today, we accompany Christ through death to new life. Does Shroud science support the claim that Jesus died physically? Are signs of Resurrection traceable on the Shroud? According to modern scientists, how was this enigmatic image, which acts like a photonegative and encodes three-dimensional information, formed in the first place? Do these linen fibers contain the blood that was shed for our salvation? When we look at the Shroud, do we gaze upon the face of God? If Jesus really rose, what difference does it make?

Make this Holy Week holy by joining Jesus—through prayer, the study of Scripture, and contemplation of the Shroud—in this journey through death to the new and glorious life of the Resurrection.

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