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A. patron membership definition & fees

Patron Membership Type Description 1-year Subscription 2-year Subscription 3-year Subscription
Adult Single Any Single Individual USD750 USD1,350 USD1,800
Adult Couple Married Couples USD1,500 USD2,700 USD3,600
Family Married Couples with Children below age 18 USD1,500 USD2,700 USD3,600
Young Adult Children of Patrons Young Adult Children (& Spouses) of Patrons between age 18 and age 35 USD450 USD810 USD1,080
Note: New Patrons are expected to pay the pro-rated calendar year fees, calculated from the day following their joining date in addition to the full 1-year, 2-year or 3-year fees shown above.

B. names & particulars

C. patron membership period & summary

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D. payment methodologies & details

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