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The Asian Patrons of the Arts
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“Harmony in Faith and Science” Lecture Series

SERIES OF 6 LECTURES FROM 12 June – 17 July 2021

APAVM organised a very successful series of lectures entitled “Harmony in Faith and Science” over 6 Saturdays from 12 June – 17 July 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the lectures were delivered via Zoom. Although audience members and speakers could not be with each other in the same room, the lack of physical proximity and interaction was made up by being able to reach an international audience.

Faith, Science and the Unity of Truth

Many assume that a choice must be made between faith and science since the two seem naturally incompatible…
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watch lecture June 12, 2021,Dr Thomas Williams
The Mystery of Eucharistic Miracles

Catholics understand that Jesus is perfectly present in the Eucharist because they recall the words recited by Jesus…
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watch lecture June 19, 2021,Fr Michael Collins
Catholic Cosmologies: From St. Paul to the Big Bang

Man has always been curious about how the universe works and has been proposing cosmological theories, from angels and demons to photons and quarks.
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watch lecture June 26, 2021, Br Guy Consolmagno
The Imperfect Scientific Quest for Human Perfection

The transhumanist movement thinks that it is time to use biotechnology to radically enhance human intelligence, strength, mood, memory…
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watch lecture July 3, 2021, Fr Michael Baggot
The Vatican Observatory: 400+ Years of Science and Faith

The Vatican Observatory is an astronomical research and education institution originally founded in 1582 to explain and defend the new Gregorian calendar…
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watch lecture July 10, 2021, Fr Paul Mueller
The Shroud of Turin in the Light of Faith and Science

The Shroud of Turin is the most controversial relic of all time. Christian tradition has recognized it to be the linen that wrapped the body…
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watch lecture July 17, 2021, Fr Andrew Dalton

'FAITH, ART & WINE' Lecture Series

20 Nov – 18 Dec 2021

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