Asian Patrons of the Arts in The Vatican Museums

The Asian Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums (APAVM) was legally incorporated in Singapore on 28 December 2015. The journey that led to its founding began in 2014 when founding Chairman Ben Chang was introduced to the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums (PAVM). In May 2016, the first batch of mainly Singapore patrons made the first ever Asia Patrons visit to the Vatican and Rome. The Asia Chapter was thereafter formally launched in Singapore in July 2016 at the inaugural APAVM dinner held at the Singapore National Gallery. Today, APAVM has branch operations in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

What we do

Events and Visits to the Vatican


Benedict Chang

Sharon Tock Tsulin

Charlotte Kim Thomas

Yau Sonny Tai Nin

Arvind Khattar

Chin Lilian

Charles S. Rufino

Thomas Ng