In September 2017, 20 months after its founding on 28 December 2015, the Singapore Chapter was expanded to become “The Asian Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums”. SPAVM has evolved to become APAVM, appropriately reflecting the multi-country patrons membership of APAVM today. Our 130+ patrons & their families constituting “The Asian Chapter” hails from Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia.

Our amazing journey of discovery of Vatican Art & the Museums has been nothing short of inspiring and rewarding. Unknown to Asians until May 2014 when Paul Hill introduced the Patrons Organization to Ben Chang in Quebec, we’ve since seen enlightened engagement and heightened interest in the Vatican Museums. Two Chapter trips in May of 2016 & 2017 went outstandingly well with over 50 patrons awed and spiritually uplifted with the art wonders & history of the Vatican, Rome, Florence, Orvieto & Assisi.

The Singapore Chapter was formally launched in July 2016 with 60+ patrons and friends attending the Inaugural Annual Dinner at the Singapore National Gallery. Since then, many arts related events have been held. A highlight was Fr Andrew Dalton’s 10-day trip in June 2017 to Singapore & Hong Kong where APAVM organized 8 speaking engagements to different audiences on “The Shroud of Turin in the Light of Science and Scripture”. Capacity crowds in all venues and especially at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd and St Ignatius Church, where over a 1000 attended each time, was left enthralled and mesmerized with Fr Andrew’s presentation.

APAVM has also been blessed with good support on our fund-raising efforts. Our first project “The Great Wall of China on Silk”, a 7.75m Chinese horizontal painted scroll dating back to the 1600’s, is now proudly on display at the Ethnological Museum. Three other projects have also been recently completed:

  • “Empress Cixi Parlor” – a 13 pc Chinese red carved lacquer parlor set of the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
  • “Amida Nyorai” – a 12th century, gilt lacquer statue of Amida, made of wood, incised, lacquered and gold painted.
  • “Three Taoist Paintings” – 17th century, late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) & 19th century Qing Dynasty masterpieces on paper.

By far, our most ambitious project is the adoption of the “New Entrance & Exhibition Space Hall of the Carriage Museum”, a 3-yr fund raising effort that will most likely be incorporated as part of an intended bigger project by the Vatican Museums. The Asian Chapter is delighted to do its part to support Dr Barbara Jatta’s objective of a bigger and better Vatican Museums Entrance Project.

The Asian Chapter will in December 2017, celebrate it’s 2nd Anniversary with the formal launch of the Singapore, Hong Kong and Philippines “Branch Chapters” of the Asian Chapter. We are honored to have Fr Kevin Lixey, International Director join us on this momentous milestone where for the first time, we will inaugurate Branch Chapters in Hong Kong and Philippines to add to an already active Singapore Branch Chapter.

Ben Chang



10 Nov 2017