APAVM “Lost Art Masterpieces” Oct 2022 Lecture Series

7 September 2022

Dear Patrons,

APAVM is delighted yet again to bring you our next Lecture Series: “Lost Art Masterpieces”.  This 4-part Lecture Series will be held every Tuesday at 2030 hrs SGT/HKT commencing with the 1st lecture on 27 Sept followed by the next three lectures on 4 Oct, 11 Oct and 18 Oct 2022.  Please join us for this lecture series in which a panel of experts share fascinating stories of works of art which were lost or stolen and subsequently never found or recovered.

 Join Fr. Michael Collins on the trail of the missing Caravaggio canvases.  Maria Cristina White-Da Cruz joins the Patrons once more and reveals how Leonardo da Vinci’s celebrated Last Supper is fading before our eyes.  Professor Lynda Mulvin recounts the daring heist of art and statues from a stately home in Ireland while former Curator of the Pontifical Treasury, Leonardo Marra, brings us behind the scenes at the Vatican when Napoleon’s troops plundered the artwork belonging to the popes.

Do click the box below for details of the LAM Lecture Series.  The rundown of the four lectures is appended below:

27 September:  Caravaggio’s Lost & Found Masterpieces

04 October:       The Tale of the Getty Venus & Russborough Estate

11 October:        The Extraordinary Story of Leonardo’s Last Supper

18 October:        Napoleon’s Art Heist in Rome and The Vatican

Each presentation will commence promptly at 2030 hrs SGT/HKT and will end by 2200 hrs. Do note to tune in early at 2015 hrs to enjoy the prelude and introduction. We look forward to seeing you at this most educational and illuminating lecture series.  As the first lecture is on Tues, 27 Sep 2022, we urge you to REGISTER NOW by clicking the box below.  Please feel free to forward this email to your family and friends as well as your business and religious community.

Warm Regards,

Ben Chang