California Chapter Visit to Rome

Dear Patrons and Friends,

Our chapters’ visits don’t stop, we keep welcoming visitors from all over the world and we could not be happier. The treasures kept in the Vatican Museums need your constant care and attention and so do the restorers that relentlessly worked on restoration projects supported by Vatican Patrons.

Last week we had the pleasure to greet members of the California Chapter, a three-day tour that expanded from an exclusive visit to the Holy Stairs to special stops at Polimateric and Metal&Ceramic Laboratories. Follow this visit through these beautiful pictures.

Holy Stairs APAVM California Chapter Visit to Rome
California Chapter Members with Fr Kevin Lixey, L.C. at the Holy Stairs.
Ethnological Musuem APAVM
The group pictured with Fr Kevin Lixey, L.C., Fr Mapelli and Romina Cometti during a special stop at Ethnological Materials Conservation Laboratory the heart of the Anima Mundi Ethnological Museum.
Metal & Ceramic Restoration Laboratory APAVM
At the Metal & Ceramic Restoration Laboratory.
Liz Lev leading the evening tour.
Sistine Chapel APAVM
Private visit to the Sisitine Chapel.
Octagonal Courtyard APAVM
Cocktail at the Octagonal Courtyard.
Dinner at the Hall of Busts and Statues APAVM
Dinner at the Hall of Busts and Statues during the speech of Museums Director, Barbara Jatta.
California Chapter Visit to Rome APAVM
California Chapter Leader James Low talks to our guests.
Masterpieces of the Pio dementino Museum
This area, which today holds many of the masterpieces of the Pio dementino Museum, was once part of the loggia of the Palazzetto of Innocent VIII Cybo (1484-1492) in Belvedere. The walls were once covered with frescoes showing landscapes and cities and in the lunettes there were small cupids painted by Pinturicchio and his assistants which are still visible today.

Focus on our Wishbook
from the Anima Mundi Ethnological Museums.

Anima Mundi is the Ethnological section of the Vatican Museums. The 80,000 objects in the collection display a selection of works representing the artistic, cultural, and spiritual traditions and testimonies of non-European peoples. To name a few of the many works, the collection includes totems, shields, feather headdresses, and painted eyes peeking out behind wooden masks. These objects and the cultures that they represent are the real protagonists of the Ethnological section. The mission of this museum is to feature the diversity of beauty, preserve it from the threats of extinction, and share with all a world of inclusion, creativity, and heritage.

A Pariko diadem from the Bororo Population. Pariko diadems are male semicircular crowns composed of two rows of overlapping feathers arranged in descending direction from the center.

The Toucan headdress includes a neck cape with feathers of different colors. A long tail of vegetable fibers and feathers with black, blue, and green shades act as a neck cover and hang from the crown.

Anima Mundi Ethnological Musuems APAVM

Another beautiful Pariko diadem.

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