Discovering Wishbook 2021 Adoptable Projects

Dear Patrons and Friends,

While nine restoration projects from our 2021 Wishbook have already been adopted there are still many that need our care and attention. So, today we will begin a journey to discover more about our 2021 Wishbook Adoptable projects starting with Ancient Funerary and Architectural Artifacts in the Bramante Courtyard.

Currently, there are thirty-one Ancient Greek-Roman artifacts such as funerary sarcophagi, capitals, and columns located in the Bramante Courtyard. About half of the artifacts placed here were once part of the collection of the Lateran Museum. Other marbles have been transferred here in recent times from other places in the Vatican. As the entire Courtyard is undergoing a restoration that is now in its final phase, the restoration of these pieces is essential to its overall completion and aesthetic beauty.

Belgium Chapter Visit

After so many months of being apart we were finally able to host a one day visit from some members of the Belgium Chapter. We cannot express the joy of being back together and showing the results of the work carried out with your help during this unprecedented time.