APAVM FAW Lecture 1 - "From Stimulant to Sacrament: Wine from Antiquity to Christianity"

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This presentation is an introduction to the history of wine - the first archaeological evidence, its role in the commerce, literature and art of the Mediterranean. Then, through archaeological evidence, poetry, and art, we will look at how Rome expanded and drastically improved the wine industry with important innovations that still affect winemaking practices today. Wine has long played a significant role in religion as the clergy required it for the Mass. This lecture will explore the centrality of wine to the rise of Christianity, and how it went from being the start of the symposium to the core of Christianity.


APAVM FAW Lecture 2 - "St Benedict and The Blessings of Burgundy"

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The fall of the Roman Empire almost destroyed the wine culture so carefully developed by the ancients. The knowledge was preserved by the Benedictine monks who created sites where viniculture could flourish again, In France, thanks to the support of Charlemagne, the Benedictines perfected oenology, applying the sensitivity and discernment of their way of life to discovering terroir, the backbone of the Burgundy wine production. Looking at the extraordinary art and architecture produced by these monks alongside the world famous wines they nurtured, will reveal the close relationship between spirituality, beauty, and the marvels wrought with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


APAVM FAW Lecture 3 - "Pope Clement V and the Wines of Chateauneuf-du-Pape"

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When Clement V was elected Pope in 1305, he moved the papal seat from Rome to Avignon. A series of popes reigned in the French town until St. Catherine of Siena convinced Pope Gregory IX to retum the papacy to Rome in 1376. During the seven decades, the newly- built Gothic- style papal palace at Avignon was decorated by a series of Tuscan painters, most notably Simone Martini. The papal residence was the scene of sumptuous banquets and vineyards were acquired to supply the Curia and courtiers. The most celebrated still produces Chäteauneuf-du-Pape or "The new castle of the Pope". The lecture explores the papacy at Avignon, the works of art and the development of Burgundy viticulture.


APAVM FAW Lecture 4 - "Monks on a Mission: The Surprising Success Story of American Wine"

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This lecture reveals the role of the Franciscans in creating the astoundingly successful wine industry in California. From the art and architecture of the missions founded along the coast of the state, we'll see how the mission grape made its way into the fertile soils of the American northwest. Catholics and Protestants found common cause as they tried to promote a wine culture in the young nation, hoping it would reduce alcoholism and promote unity among its diverse peoples. Surprising characters and unexpected facts will propel the narrative of how the USA became one of the world's leading wine producers.


APAVM FAW Lecture 5 - "Wine and the Wonder of the Eucharist"

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This Final lecture introduces the role that wine had across different religious cultures in antiquity. Wine has different meanings in Jewish communities and combined with Jewish Kosher laws, will allow us to discover the significance of the Eucharist in first century Palestine. This talk also brings together threads from each preceding talk, focuses on the place of wine in Christian culture and will look at the devotion and theology of the Precious Blood and it's iconograpy. The talk will be richly illustrated with early Eucharistic imagery and images from the Vatican Museums such as Raphael's two iconic frescos The Disputa and the Miracle of the Mass at Bolsena.