The Cat Mummy Restoration

04 May 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends Today we would like to pay a visit to a place where statues, sarcophagi, and paintings speak of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the land where the Exodus began and offered a haven for the Holy Family: the Gregorian Egyptian Museum. Founded on the initiative of Pope [...]

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To the Church and to the World

27 April 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, This week we would like to start by sharing with you the words of wisdom used by Pope Francis in his Easter "To the Church and to the World" message, announcing the resurrection of Jesus he remembered the victims of war, all those suffering around the [...]

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Easter is Coming

16 April 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends,Holy Week is here and Easter is approaching. We would like to accompany you in these last days before the Resurrection with the words of His Holiness Pope Francis.He spoke at the end of the Palm Sunday service for about 50,000 people in St Peter’s Square, the [...]

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The Colossal Bronze Hercules Mastai

11 April 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends,Each week we bring you inside the heart of our mission to share the importance of your support, today we have a special and memorable companion at our side: the colossal bronze Hercules Mastai.We will discover the story of this gilded bronze statue following the restorers of [...]

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Bernini's signature impressed in clay

28 March 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, The Vatican Museums are full of secrets and stories seldom told. Today we will highlight a few clay art pieces, once simple models meant for a temporary purpose, destined to be destroyed, that are now timeless masterpieces. We will also continue to follow Monsignor Hogan and [...]

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Previati's Via Crucis

18 March 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends,Lent is a period of prayer, fasting, abstinence and good ‎works, in preparation for Christianity’s most solemn feast of Easter, celebrating Jesus’ glorious ‎resurrection following his passion and death on the cross.This year we walk with Jesus in a series of stations, the Way of the Cross, [...]

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Our Restoration Projects and much more

14 March 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, Hard work never stops and while part of our staff is travelling North America to increase Patrons' membership and expand giving opportunities, here in Rome our restorers keep working on the restoration projects you so generously funded.Today we will bring you inside our Tapestry Restoration Laboratory [...]

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Pray for Peace

04 March 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, After a two-year pandemic, the news about the war in Ukraine are a lot to absorb, but as Lent begins we find in our faith the strenght to endure this difficult time. Pope Francis appealed for an end to the war in Ukraine, for “the silencing [...]

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Your support in the words of Pope Francis

18 February 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, As some of you may know, once a month, our Patrons have the chance to ask Vatican Museums curators their questions during the Coffee with Curators segment. Each month we are accompanied by the Vatican Museums Director, Barbara Jatta. She is passionate about showing her appreciation [...]

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The Magic of Restoration

04 February 2022

Dear Patrons and Friends, What we like the most is to show how your support makes the magic of restoration possible. In the ongoing project we are covering today you will see how delicate the restoration of an Attic vase is and how many skills are behind the work of [...]

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