2019 Washington D.C. North American PAVM Leaders Meeting

01 October 2019

On September 13, the representatives of the fifteen PAVM Chapters present in North America, together with representatives of our PAVM Vatican Office and the North American Service Office gathered at the Mayflower in Washington D.C. Events took place across a three-day meeting to discuss Vatican Patrons' mission and legacy, kindly [...]

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Beauty Unites Us — Chinese Art from the Vatican Museums

22 May 2019

In 1925, Pope Pius XI (1857-1939) organized a major exhibition at the Vatican to showcase the beauty of cultures from across the globe, bringing together over 100,000 superb works of art, which aimed to demonstrate the Catholic Church’s high regard for the culture and artistry of all the peoples of [...]

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08 April 2019

Within the sprawling complex of the Vatican Museums, the Bramante Courtyard is easily identifiable by its famous bronze pigna or pinecone sculpture mounted on a staircase designed by Michelangelo and flanked by two sculpted peacocks, copies of the birds that stood at Hadrian’s Tomb. The Courtyard connects the main galleries [...]

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Vatican Da Vinci on Loan at the MET

07 May 2018

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519), The MET will display the artist’s painting St. Jerome (begun ca. 1483). A special loan from the Vatican Museums, this monumental, exquisitely rendered painting is in an unfinished state, providing viewers with extraordinary insights into the artist’s [...]

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