Holy Stairs Sanctuary

12 July 2020

HOLY STAIRS SANCTUARYThe completion of a 20-year long project We are at the finish line for a momentous project, the restoration of the frescos of the Holy Stairs. It has been amazing to see the transformation of this sacred pilgrimage site over the years. We could not be more thankful [...]

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The Unveiling of the Room of Constantine

26 May 2020

HELP US KEEP OUR MISSION ALIVE The paintings were meant to be unveiled on April 20th during an international conference to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Raphael's death.Due to the coronavirus emergency, the event was cancelled therefore we did not receive the chance to share this special and historical moment [...]

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Vatican Museums' Restorers are back to work!

14 May 2020

Our work continues A special message for our Patronsfrom Director Barbara Jatta and a look at how restorers are working to keep our mission alive. Dear Patrons,For a third consecutive week, Vatican Museum restorers and staff are now physically back at the Museums, although in limited numbers and taking several [...]

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We are back to work!

05 May 2020

Greetings from INSIDE the Vatican Museums! With a restricted number of our staff on-site while the rest “smart work” from home, the administration allowed us back in our office. The museums are still closed to visitors, but we could not be more grateful to enjoy the Vatican air and step [...]

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Raphael and His World

26 April 2020

An exclusive four-week adventureto bring the Vatican Museums to our Patrons!

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Happy Easter from the Vatican Museums

11 April 2020

Dear Patrons and Friends,First of all, I would like to address all of you to witness my closeness to you in this moment of family, general, national, and world difficulties. What we are all experiencing is an unusual time which, fortunately, the Vatican Museums have had to face only in [...]

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07 April 2020

L'Osservatore Romano is an Italian newspaper published in Vatican City and one of the three official news sources concerning the Holy See. In today's issue, Vatican Museums Director Barbara Jatta discusses the significance of April 6th 1520 and the connection between Raphael Sanzio and the Patrons of the Arts in [...]

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Vatican Patrons Parcel

27 March 2020

Father Kevin Lixey, LC last month trip to USA and virtual toursthrough the halls and galleries of the Vatican Museums. In the past month of February, Father Kevin Lixey, LC made a three week trip to the United States. He visited Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas to meet with various [...]

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Vatican Patrons Parcel

20 March 2020

Dear Friends,It is hard to not be moved by this image of Pope Francis kneeling before the miraculous crucifix in the Church of St. Marcello on the Corso and before the ancient icon of Our Lady of the Salus Populi Romani. For Rome and the entire world, Pope Francis intercedes [...]

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Live Update from the Vatican City State

13 March 2020

Dear Chapter Leaders and Friends,all our staff is sending you a heartfelt greeting, during this precarious time we are undergoing. The Italian government is taking some serious measures in attempts to contain the spread of the Corona virus. Thus, as you may know, as of Monday the Vatican Museums and [...]

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