Patrons are back! Covering last visits to Rome

Dear Patrons and Friends,

After a somber 2020 full of cancelled visits and isolated gatherings at our premises, the lifting of travel restrictions has finally allowed many of you to come back to our museums and laboratories.

We are therefore more than happy to show you pictures from Italian & International, Ohio and Minnesota Chapters’ visits. We are so excited and pleased to welcome you back!

Italian & International Chapter September 23

Walking along the Gallery of Tapestries.

An exclusive visit to the Pauline Chapel.

In the Gallery of Maps.

An empty Sistine Chapel welcomes our special visitors.

A quartet playing in the exclusive setting of the Octagonal Courtyard.

Lisa and Rick Altig get close to the Hercules Mastai statue whose restoration they decided to fund.
This colossal bronze-gilded statue was found in 1864 under the courtyard of Palazzo PioRighetti in Campo de’ Fiori in the area of the ancient theater of Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. It was donated to Pope Pius IX (Mastai).

Ohio and Minnesota Chapters October 7-8

At the old Vatican Pharmacy.

A group photo with Fr Kevin Lixey, L.C. in the Sistine Chapel.

On the scaffolding in the Borgia Apartments.

Museums Director Barbara Jatta greets her guests.

Gala dinner for the first time at the Braccio Nuovo.



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