Painting of the Great Wall on Silk

This scroll was once part of the collection of Cardinal Stefano Borgia. This long, horizontal scroll is a significant piece in the Vatican Museums’ collection because of its high empirical value and historical interest.

The object is part of the oldest section of the Ethnological Museum, as shown in the January 14, 1792 letter from the Cardinal.

The work is covered in deposits of glue and other invasive substances on the front and back. A few rust stains are also present. The work is lined with sheets of browning Japanese paper and is deformed on some parts of the original work. Numerous gaps and detachments of the pigment are evident.

Restoration Process:

  • Preliminary interventions & Scientific studies
  • Measurements of the surface pH
  • Anoxic disinfestation
  • Superficial dusting
  • Dry cleaning
  • Consolidation of the pigment
  • Cleaning with humidity of the back
  • Consolidation of the silk fibers
  • Adhesion of the separations between silk and paper
  • Suture of the tears
  • Reinforcement of the abraded parts
  • Reparation of the gaps in the paper
  • Consolidation of the creases in the back
  • Chromatic integration
  • Smoothing between cartoons

  • Period: 2016
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Cost of Restoration: SGD 25,600.00