New Entrance and Exhibition Hall of the Carriage Museum

The Pavilion of the Carriages collection contains sedan chairs and the splendid court vestments of lay dignitaries who accompanied the Popes during their voyages.

The entrance to the Pavilion of the Carriages is situated entirely outdoors and, thus, exposed to the elements. The only way to access it is by descending four flights of stairs, which poses extreme difficulty to handicapped persons.

We hope to remedy this problem by installing an elevator that would allow people to enter the exhibit without having to take the stairs. The proposed solution will require that the exhibition space be doubled in order to accommodate the new covering structure that will occupy part of the pre-existing flowerbed in the direction of the Gate of Gregory  XVI.

A glass window structure that will permit an unobscured view of the Vatican Gardens will span 475 square meters (totalling 29,80 m in length and 16,50 in width). The exhibition space will have an area of approximately 200 square meters and will serve as a space for temporary exhibits, conventions, and other events.

The entire project design was conceived with the express intention of remaining faithful to the elegant austerity that this exhibition has always evoked.

The Project Owner: Dr. Sandro Barbagallo

After studying at the Special School of the Vatican Private Archives and earning his degree in History of Art from the University of Siena, Sandro Barbagallo participated in the creation of exhibitions and edited monographs focused on the art of Dutch and French Artists of the 19th Century, such as Matisse, Manet, and Bonard. He has worked with the Tribunal for Lost and Stolen Antiquities in Rome. Since 2008, he has written art criticism for the L’Osservatore Romano.  Barbagalo also serves as Vatican News Correspondant for Il Giornale dell’Arte.

He has worked for the Direction of the Vatican Museums as Curator of the Historical Collections Department since 2012. In this role, he has overseen the upgrade of the Carriage Pavilion and the construction of the Portrait Gallery of the Popes in Castel Gondolfo.

He is a member of the Scientific Committee of Roman Work for the Preservation of Faith and the Provision of New Churches, a committee formed to rethink the design of churches. In July 2015, he was named Scientific Advisor for the Redevelopment of the Museum of the Treasury at the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

  • Period: 2016 – 2018
  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Cost of Restoration: SGD 2,000,000