Update On Our Crowdfunding Projects

Dear Patrons and Friends,

When we launched our first crowdfunding project we did not know that it could lead to such great suceess. A few days ago the group of statues of The Three Graces finally went through the last stage of restoration and it is now ready to go back to its place in the Vatican Museums.

For one project finished there is another one still in need of your support, every single donation counts.

In collaboration with the Canada Chapter, the Histories of Santa Barbara is a crowdfunding restoration project that is still in need of funding.

After a thorough diagnostic research the restorers handled the four panels in the workshop and disassembled them from the two gilded frames. They also performed a woodworm-proofing treatment with a brush on the back lattice system on the back, which will provide proper structural support.

The back of a panel before restoration with the old containment system that is no longer suitable.

Detail of the old parquet and the crack.

Click here to watch a short video on the Santa Barbara Histories Crowdfunding Restoration Project

We have almost reached our fundraising goal, and, with your help, we could finish financing our second crowdfunding project. If you would like to contribute to the restoration of the Histories of Santa Barbara, please click on this link

At this time, we would like to thank all the Patrons
who have already donated to this beautiful project.

The Three Graces




The splendid sculpture, exhibited in the Cabinet of the Masks, was burdened by a blanket of uniform conspicuous deposits that effected the nature of the stone material. Since the first cleaning tests, restorers tried to remove the layers of gray deposits and conserve the ancient waxes present on the work.


The perfect uniformity of the ancient waxes made it possible to not apply final protective coatings.

This is the result of a brilliant restoration process.
Special thanks go to Robin Hambro, the Minotti Family, Diane Whitty, the Weinberg family,
the Hurley family and Debra Mauro.



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