Vatican Museums’ Restorers are back to work!

Our work continues

A special message for our Patrons
from Director Barbara Jatta and a look at how restorers are working to keep our mission alive.

Dear Patrons,
For a third consecutive week, Vatican Museum restorers and staff are now physically back at the Museums, although in limited numbers and taking several health and safety precautions. Nevertheless, its ancient corridors, once plentiful with visitors, are quite lonely. Our very own Museum Director, Dr. Barbara Jatta, shares with you her own personal reflection on this unprecedented moment that we are all living and how it is affecting the Museums and its personnel.

Message from Barbara Jatta, Director of the Vatican Museums

While the corridors may be empty to tourists, our curators and restorers are re-engaged in “restoring beauty” as they have resumed some of the most essential projects that were well underway until the pandemic brought all to a hold. In this short video, PAVM project manager, Romina Cometti, takes you on a tour of the Bramante Courtyard restoration site. 

Ongoing Restoration – The West Wall of Bramante Courtyard

It is extremely inspiring to witness the return of our restorers as it keeps the hope of our mission alive. We know that the recent fruits of their magnificent restoration work, whether it be phase three of the Bramante Courtyard or the recently unveiled Room of Constantine, will one day be available for our patrons and public to admire and enjoy on-site and in person!  Until then, in this time of crisis with our doors still closed, I invite you to consider sustaining the work of our restorers with a special gift today.  More details about making a donation to this emergency restoration fund can be found in this PDF.

On behalf of Dr. Barbara Jatta, and His Eminence Cardinal Bertello, we want to thank you for your support throughout the years and especially in this time of great crisis for the Museums and for the entire world. Throughout its rich history, the Vatican Museums have survived the sack of Rome, the fire on the Borgo, and even the plague. With your help, we will also survive Covid-19.

United in prayer, I am gratefully yours,
Fr Kevin Lixey, L.C.