Vatican Patrons Parcel

Father Kevin Lixey, LC last month trip to USA and virtual tours
through the halls and galleries of the Vatican Museums. 


In the past month of February, Father Kevin Lixey, LC made a three week trip to the United States. He visited Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and Texas to meet with various Patrons and Patrons leadership members in these various states.

He offered a PowerPoint presentation on the significance of the Year of Raphael 2020 in the Vatican Museums and underlined the important role our Patrons play in restoring Raphael Sanzio’s works of art. He gave this presentation to existing Patrons and those who are interested in learning more about the organization in the following cities: Atlanta, Palm Beach, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

He is grateful to the chapter leaders (Carolyn Johnson, Mary Viator, and Lori and Doug Wrinkle) who helped organize and underwrite these events, in addition to our North American Chaplain, Monsignor Hogan, who hosted Father Kevin at his parish, Mary Help of Christians in Parkland Florida.

Virtual Tours of the Vatican Museums

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Did you know that you can delve into the Vatican Museums’ Collection online? We offer access to seven different digital tours in the Vatican Museums even with our doors closed. Start with a 360º view of the stunning Raphael Rooms. Afterward, head over to either the Sistine Chapel, Pio Clementino Museum, Chiaramonti Museum, New Wing, Niccoline Chapel, or Room of the Chiaroscuri.

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