We ❤ crowdfunding!

Dear Patrons and Friends,

the Histories of Santa Barbara is our second crowdfunding restoration project and thanks to you we are over halfway to our goal… 

Currently, the four panel paintings have undergone scientific research, the rest of the work will go on throughout this year; we are hopeful that our crowdfunding project will be successful to raise the necessary remaining funds. We have raised €12,000 so far and need €8,000 euro more. This unique altarpiece was purchased in Italy between 1860- 1870 by Barone Max von Heyl, sold in auction in 1930 by the antique collector Hugo Helbing di Monaco, and finally donated to the Vatican Museums in 1935 by Joseph Clemens of Bavaria.

Catholic France
June 12-19, 2022

Join the Patrons of the Arts and Dr. Elizabeth Lev on a pilgrimage to discover catholic France. This is part of an effort to provide other PAVM related experiences in order to foster friendships and a shared sense of mission among our greater PAVM network.

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