Finally celebrating Raphael in the Vatican

Dear Patrons and Friends,

After a yearlong delay, last week Raphael experts finally gathered in-person in the Raphael Hall of the Pinacoteca to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Raphael Sanzio’s death amd in memory of the well-known Sistine Chapel restorer Gianluigi Colalucci (B. 1929, D. 2021).

The conference took place over three days (September 27, 28, & 29), and it was an opportunity for architects, curators, restorers, scholars, and museum directors to share their well-developed research on the master from Urbino in a panel discussion.

Also, on September 24th, Cardinal Bertello, Dr. Barbara Jatta, Eike Schmidt, and Fr. Kevin Lixey L.C. inaugurated the conference. Cardinal Bertello’s words hold special significance since he will be retiring on October 1st. In his address, he mentioned the gravity and impact of the Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums.

“Likewise, my praise goes out to the many who, with their work, have made it possible for us to be gathered here today. I would like to express a special feeling of gratitude to our Patrons, the generous benefactors who, even during these complex months of the pandemic, have never failed to provide us with their concrete closeness and support, without which such important initiatives could not take place. I wish you all a fruitful work and I thank you.”

The Conference

September 24th, Cardinal Bertello, Dr. Barbara Jatta, Eike Schmidt, and Fr. Kevin Lixey L.C. inaugurate the conference Raphael in the Vatican.

Logo of the conference Raphael in the Vatican.

The Exhibition

Among the lesser-known works of the precious Vatican collections are two paintings commissioned and prepared by Fra Bartolomeo of Porta, and brought to completion by Raphael. They depict the Patron Saints of Rome, St. Peter and St. Paul. The two paintings have been kept for decades in the Papal Audience Apartment in the II Loggia. For this motive, they have been only accessible to a limited number of privileged visitors. Now, they are on view until January 9, 2022 in the Pinacoteca for the first time ever. Before the exhibition, they underwent restoration in the Painting Restoration Lab under the guidance of Francesca Persagati and Paolo Violini. Their work would not have been possible without the patronage of Donna D’Urso and her siblings, Mark and Lisa.

Thank you to all of our Year of Raphael sponsors for making this conference and exhibition possible. We would like to give a special thank you to Rick and Lisa AltigOlessia KantorJohn and Paula KellyWilliam Dingman and Debbie WertNew York ChapterIllinois Chapter, and Louisiana Chapter for their generous donations.

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