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Louisiana Chapter Visit

Dear Patrons and Friends,Although digital meetings and initiatives have become a big part of how we keep in contact with you, meeting in person and interacting on a more...

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Yoshi / 0 / 28th Mar 2022
Previati’s Via Crucis

Dear Patrons and Friends,Lent is a period of prayer, fasting, abstinence and good ‎works, in preparation for Christianity’s most solemn feast of Easter, celebrating Jesus’ glorious ‎resurrection following his...

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Yoshi / 0 / 18th Mar 2022
Pray for Peace

Dear Patrons and Friends, After a two-year pandemic, the news about the war in Ukraine are a lot to absorb, but as Lent begins we find in our faith...

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Yoshi / 0 / 04th Mar 2022
Your support in the words of Pope Francis

Dear Patrons and Friends, As some of you may know, once a month, our Patrons have the chance to ask Vatican Museums curators their questions during the Coffee with...

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Yoshi / 0 / 18th Feb 2022
The Magic of Restoration

Dear Patrons and Friends, What we like the most is to show how your support makes the magic of restoration possible. In the ongoing project we are covering today...

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Yoshi / 0 / 04th Feb 2022
Celebrating Advent

Dear Patrons and Friends, Advent is a time to make oneself ready for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This week we celebrate it throught the words and...

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Yoshi / 0 / 20th Dec 2021
Another Restoration Project Completed And the Meaning of Advent through art

Dear Patrons and Friends, As we keep waiting for Christmas to come we would like to share with you the beautiful result of yet another restoration project funded by...

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Yoshi / 0 / 10th Dec 2021
Pope Francis’ Message On Beauty And Culture

Dear Patrons and Friends,Today we would like to start by sharing with you an extract from a speech Pope Francis gave a few days ago. His Holiness' words hold...

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Yoshi / 0 / 20th Nov 2021
Discoveries behind a restoration project

Dear Patrons and Friends, Since we launched our Wishbook 2021 we have been focusing on the projects that still need funding, in doing that we always like to stress...

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Yoshi / 0 / 13th Nov 2021
Update On Our Crowdfunding Projects

Dear Patrons and Friends,When we launched our first crowdfunding project we did not know that it could lead to such great suceess. A few days ago the group of...

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Yoshi / 0 / 29th Oct 2021